Discover Fukouka’s Culture

Discover Fukouka’s Culture

The country of Japan is very popular also because of the culture and traditions being practiced by the people. Among the cities that are most visited, let us discover the culture of Fukouka City. I recommend that you visit this city because there are many beautiful tourist destinations that attracts even millions of visitors. In this city, festivals are also being celebrated. One of the biggest and most famous festival in the city is Hakata Dontaku Festival. This is being celebrated every month of May.

The parades and many different performances are the most awaited activities. If you want to experience the culture and tradition of Fukouka, book a ticket as early as possible for you to witness this great and amazing festival. Another festival that shows the city’s culture and tradition is Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. This festival is being celebrated every month of July and is based around Kushida shrine. The famous attraction during this festival are Hakata dolls. These dolls are the traditional clay dolls of Japan.

The Hakata dolls originated from the city of Fukouka and are so famous. For this reason, visitors from many different nations come and participate in the said festival. Hojoya Festival is known as a Buddhist festival. This festival is being held around the middle of September. The vendors and carnival atmosphere attracts many visitors. Aside from festivals, there are also traditional crafts that originated from the city of Fukouka. One of which is the Hakata Weaving. Also, Kurume Kasuri is a well-known type of weaving from the city.